USA Toyz Laser Tag Guns Set with 4 Rechargeable Lazer Toy Guns and 4 Rechargeable Laser Tag Vests

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Enjoy realistic arcade play experience with this Laser Tag Set for kids! The 4 rechargeable laser toy guns feature light and vibration feedback with every hit while the wearable vests have a spray function that gets activated once you lose all game lives. Pick your team color, choose your gun type, reload your ammo, and shoot opponents from up to 95 feet! Safe, fun, and exciting for kids ages 8+.

  • INCLUDES: 4 Laser Toy Guns, 4 Laser Tag Vests, (8) 3.7V Li-Ion Batteries, 2 USB Charging Stations, 4 Water Droppers, 1 Screwdriver, and User Manual
  • REALISTIC PLAY EXPERIENCE: Choose between 4 teams: blue, red, green, white and experience light and vibration feedback with every hit for realistic play; spray function on the vest will activate once you lose all game lives
  • 5 LASER GUN TYPES: Shoot opponents from up to 95 feet! Choose between 5 different gun types with a push of a  button: Single Shot, Laser Gun, Shotgun, Machine Gun, Submachine Gun
  • KID-SAFE INFRARED LASER TECH: These laser tag toy guns use infrared tech with less than 1mW output, fun and safe for kids ages 8+
  • QUALITY ASSURED: This 4-player laser tag toy guns set also features voice prompts for high tech shooting game experience; We’ll provide a full refund if you’re not totally satisfied with this target shooting games set for boys and girls

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